9 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Globe Postpaid

9 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Globe Postpaid

This is part 3 of 3 of my blog posts about my review on getting a Globe postpaid plan. It has been more than two years since I got a Globe postpaid plan. I am almost near bill no. 50. You can find the other parts here:

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This post was last updated on April 15, 2018.

It has been more than two years since I got a Globe postpaid and I have compiled all the things that I have found good and bad about Globe’s postpaid services. This guide lists all the bad things when having a Globe postpaid plan. The list shows the things that prospective customers of Smart and Globe can use before they decide to subscribe to the postpaid services of the network of their choice. The list contains the things that the agents might not tell you and that you should know.

1. SIM Card Activation takes forever.

Unlike Smart postpaid, I don’t know why activating a Globe postpaid line takes a long time. When I applied for a Globe postpaid line, it took them at least three days before they finally activated my SIM card. I also read from my previous blog post that it can even take a week before their SIM gets activated! Crazy!

From my experience with Smart postpaid, it only took them one hour to activate my SIM card. From my experience with SK Telecom when I was in South Korea, it also took them one hour to activate my SIM. The only difference is that Smart will give your SIM card unactivated, but in Korea, they will ask you to come back after one hour to eat some lunch or do something else rather than staring at your phone that has no phone signal.

2. You will only know your number once it’s activated.

You will only know your cellphone number once it’s activated. Unless this has changed since I got my postpaid line, please let me know!

3. Voice Mail or Enhanced Voice Mail is not available.

If you are coming from the United States, South Korea, Japan or any other country that uses voice mail service, stop thinking. Globe Telecom does not offer the voice mail service anymore. They stopped it years ago. If you have an iPhone, there’s no Visual Voice Mail as well.

4. All calls are charged by the minute.

If you are coming from South Korea, you will not be so happy when you heard about Globe’s voice call charging scheme. If you call another Globe subscriber for 10 seconds, you will be billed for one full minute. If you call someone from another network for 25 seconds, not only will you be charged for one full minute, but you will also be charged a peso higher.

When I used my Globe phone for roaming in South Korea for one year, I found out that Globe’s postpaid roaming is more expensive compared to its prepaid counterpart. You will not only pay the roaming operator, but you will also pay additional surcharges for using the roaming service. (Roaming rate + Globe surcharges).

5. LTE and 3G signal is almost a luxury.

I notice that even in Metro Manila, the data connection is on EDGE mode, not on HSPA or HSDPA mode. It’s annoying. Sending a message in KakaoTalk or VIber takes forever. In our hometown as well, signal coverage is terrible. Besides not having LTE or 3G signal in our home, there is no 2G signal as well. You need to be in the second floor of your home to get that 2G signal.

6. There is no advantage in getting a postpaid plan, especially if you’re going to get a mobile phone from Globe.

My purpose for getting a postpaid line was to avoid going to those AutoLoad Max tinderos and tinderas because I don’t trust them. They usually write the numbers on notebooks and who knows who will have access to those pages of papers. It can be your next spammer.

When the first Globe postpaid plans were introduced, Globe postpaid plans seemed to offer cheaper rates compared to its prepaid counterpart. Nowadays, there’s none. Voice call rates to other networks costs PHP 7.50. Unless you are going to get a Globe Platinum Plan, you won’t get any kind of discount for the per minute calls to other networks.

7. Phones are insanely overpriced.

Actually, not only Globe, but Smart as well, sell overpriced phones. If you would look at the other stores selling phones that are already network unlocked (meaning, you can insert other SIM cards), it would seem that the phones in Globe are more expensive. It’s so stupid to buy a mobile phone that is locked and you wouldn’t even get a good discount. For example, if you look at the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in Amazon.com, it’s almost half the price. If you plan on buying a phone with a two-year contract with them, get a higher plan instead. Subscribing to a plan below 1799 is like paying for service and only get very little discount from the phone price. Why can’t they show their prospective subscribers how much will they save on the phone if they avail of a two-year contract?

8. The network will not unlock your phone unless you finish the two-year contract.

If you bought an iPhone from Globe, you will be very disappointed. If you plan to travel to another country and you happen to know a lot of people in that country and then you decided to buy a local SIM and put it in the iPhone that you have bought from Globe. Think again. Globe will not unlock your iPhone. You need to finish your two year contract first before Globe will legally unlock your iPhone.

Sure, those rooting tools might work, but nothing works as perfect as the un-rooted iPhone. Plus, rooting will destroy your iPhone’s limited warranty.

The best bet is to buy your favorite brand of phone not from Globe. You’ll get your phone network unlocked or open-lined. This gives you the freedom to use any SIM, especially if you have plans to go abroad for traveling.

9. Globe’s Postpaid Plans list are always changing.

If you are on Globe for many years and you were on My SuperPlan 1699 and decide to downgrade to Plan 299, think again. Globe has again discarded the list of postpaid plans that subscribers can choose.

I don’t understand the logic. Why remove the original My SuperPlan 299? Why remove the original G-Text 500? Globe could have just added more minutes and text messages to the old legacy plans and still offer it. They could have just charged more expensive data charges to the legacy plans and prompt the subscribers to upgrade to a postpaid plan that offers bigger discount on data services.

If you are still on Globe’s Plan 299 (like me), don’t disconnect your line. Keep it or let someone else use it!

You have just read the “Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Globe Postpaid”. Why not try reading the “Reasons Why You Should Get a Globe Postpaid”?

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DISCLAIMER: All contents of this blog post are based on the author’s experience. Some services may have changed. The information provided may be inaccurate at the time of reading. As this blog post was last updated on April 15, 2018.

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28 Replies to “9 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Globe Postpaid”

  1. I have a globe tatto post paid plan,i was plan for only 6 months but until now its not yet terminated and my bill is getting higher,what can i do with this i don’t have any idea,if what will happen if i could not pay this,,thank you..appretiate if u help.

    1. What will happen,I have received this message.”I am to using glow broadband anymore and has already settled my payment since last year and until now they are demanding for payment.In view thereof, DEMAND is hereby made upon you to pay our client the total amount of P 7970.97 within five (5) days from receipt hereof otherwise we shall be constrained, much to our regret, to institute the necessary court actions against you and all your responsible officers in order to protect and preserve the interest of our client under the law.”

  2. there are a lot more reasons why you shouldnt choose this provider, their promos may be great, better than the competitor but dont be bllinded. if you felt frustrated once, its that same feeling that you’re going to feel everytime you talk to them! same feeling if you request for something to happen. nothing just gets done right! it took them a while to change my address, i have requested for it, at different branches, talked to several agents until after the 7th request. it was just frustrating, people are promising you things that they do not actually do!
    another thing is, i have subscribed to their spotify premium, of 299, ive cancelled the subscription and subscribed 129 instead. when ive checked my credit card bill, i was charged 299 and a separate premium of 129, i was billed twice, though i thought that its just for that month since i have subscribed and unsubscribed at the same day but then another bill came and i was still charged, until the 3rd month. that amount is not that big of a deal, i dont have much time to discuss it with them since i know that its just no use, even speaking to their supervisor is a pain! imagine, you being a member for almost 7 years frustrated and out of frustration threatened to close the plan and transfer to another provider, and the only response that you will get is that they are sorry to hear your decision, and thats it. so for me, my contract is about to end in a month, now just patiently waiting for smart comm to get in touch with me to advice if there is a unit available for the plan that im applying for after that, goodbye globe forever. GLOBE HAS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SYSTEM EVERRR!!!!

    1. well it’s the same with all the service provider here in the Philippines isn’t it! It happened to me with smart comm, availed of the postpaid pocket wifi, was told it would be activated automatically after 24hrs tried to call until it reached 7days and still no action, wasted all my time talking to all the agents and supervisors are avoiding to talk to you. TWAS a very frustrating thing to argue with these agents. So I said eff it, i’ll just get another pocket wifi. Lo and behold comes billing time they are trying to bill me for a service they never provided and the supervisors don’t even give consideration to waive the fee and doesn’t seem to understand that I never availed of the service. I never paid for it ha!

  3. Got the same problem! I have been requesting for the termination of my contract since its already 2 yrs! For every customer service rep reading my request, they have the same thing in common.. submit requirements, whats the reason for termination, etc. I did what they told me but until now they continue charging me!

  4. Im waiting for the activation of the simcard the we purchase. Its been almost 4 days and until now its not yet activated. I have been calling all their hotline numbers. Messaging them on fb (no reply even once) and twitter (reply but no good result).
    I dont know what wrong with them.

  5. Globe insisted on me agreeing saw to a 4-year lock in contract. Kasi daw, 2-yrs sa phone ko at 2-yrs din sa husband ko! Lol! E pano kung apat kayo sa pamilya? Edi 8 years? Jusmio! Hinihingi ko ang kopya ng contrata na pinapirmahan nila sa akin na nagsasabing 2+2 wala sila maipakita. O sadyang ayaw ipakita.

  6. Hi. My postpaid contract ends this May 26. Will I be continually be charged with P2499 (my plan) after that date? Thanks.

  7. HELL is what I experienced with GLOBE! I love their service and I’m a big fan of how fast their internet is as well as signal coverage in Mindanao and here in Cebu City compared to SMART. I signed up for a postpaid plan with Globe last 2013 for unlimited call and text as well as unlimited data. Everything works perfectly fine but I would agree with the blogger, it took me 4 days to have my sim card activated, unlike my SMART sim card, it didn’t took them an hour and it’s up and running. All of a sudden, I get this notification from GLOBE that my data usage is restricted and that I exceeded the data cap. Seriously, I signed up for unlimited data plan and every billing cycle, I can only use my data plan for not more than a week and it’s dead end. That’s why I did not continue my contract with them. It was a nightmare, I gave them 4 months to fix the issue but they did nothing at all.

  8. I got a Globe Plan 1799 for 24 months with iPhone 6 Plus.

    I just paid globe once (1799). Then I stopped paying them.

    So i think I have a remaining 23months X 1799 pesos = almost 42k debt .

    I stopped paying them. Is Globe still going to have interest on my debt?

    Shall I be put to jail by not paying the 42k?
    Do someone or can go to my “house” to collect or to send police or escalate the issue to a law firm?

    Please answer.

    1. Your failure to settle your monthly bills will not make you criminally liable, for this is just a breach of what you and the telecommunications company have agreed upon. This case is civil in nature, which will enable the company to collect from you. In no way shall you be imprisoned because of your unpaid bills. Likewise, since this does not amount to a criminal offense, non-payment of these bills alone will not give rise to the filing of a criminal case against you, which, if filed in court, will definitely appear once you secure a National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) or a Police Clearance.

      1. It won’t make you criminally liable but this will greatly affect your credit score in the entire Philippines since there is now a “Credit Information Corporation” which collects all paying habits of people in the Philippines.

        Maybe as early as 2019, the banks in the Philippines will be switching to “risk-based lending”. This means higher interest rates for people who do not pay their bills or do not keep their accounts active. This will also have consequences when you get a loan from the bank in the future because you will have a low credit score.

  9. Globe Committed Fraud:
    Text #1: October 22, 2017; 2:30 PM “Globe Advisory: Your request has been processed. Thank you for being with Globe” I do not call Globe Customer Service because it is a nightmare.

    I am content and I pay my Globe Bills on time. Since 2012, my plan is Unli Surf 999 and I have never renewed my contract with Globe. I only do internet surfing. I do not call or text anyone regularly so I’m content to have call and text to be billed on top of my plan.

    Suddenly, I received the text: Text #2: October 22, 2017; 2:30 Your request to add Freebie_FB_1_GB, Pack_GS_Add_Surf_499_(8GB) Pack_GoSURF_999(8GB) has been successfully processed. Text #2: October 22, 2017; 2:34 Your request has been processed. Thank you for being Globe. These text messages only mean that SOMEONE from GLOBE modified my account without consent.

    I panicked and called Globe Customer Service immediately. Complaint was filed and the customer service told me the investigation will take 6~7 business days. I told them I will not pay for a plan I did not request. I was informed that I can ask for bill adjustment since this is FRAUD.

    I called Globe several times to follow up the case. On November 11, 2017, someone from Globe called. The agent who had modified my account has been reprimanded. Unfortunately.

    Globe cannot bring back my old plan because it was a legacy plan. The plan is not available. The Globe personnel offerred Plan999 with 12GB data. This is very upsetting.

    You see Unli Surf 999 provides unlimited data. Even if Globe throttles my data speed I can still surf Google and FB. Based on my estimation, I used up 20GB monthly. Why would I switch to a worthless plan that only offers 12GB data.

    After all the anger and hurt that Globe caused me, I learned that I’m just one customer. Globe has other million customers. Globe does not care about their customer who has been with them since 2009. What Globe wants, Globe gets.

    I realized that what happened to my account may have been pre-medidated. Globe change my account intentionally to force me to avail their Plan with data caps. Despite of Globe’s betrayal, I still chose to retain my Globe Postpaid number since I have had this cp# since 2009. All my bills from other utilities and social media apps are connected to my Globe Postpaid number.

    I decided to downgrade it to their lowest plan “ThePlan 599” which has a ridiculous data allocation of 1.5GB for 30 days. Then, I applied to SMART POSTPAID All In 500 with a credit limit of 1500. SMART’s DATA Surf promos has higher data allocation and the promo includes UNLI Text to all Networks. Unlike Globe’s “ThePlan 599”, which only provide 150 text to all networks.

    I hope Globe will provide a plan much lower than 599 because I will immmediately downgrade to that plan. I am also slowly switching my utilities and social apps to be connected to my SMART Postpaid. Eventually, I will get rid of my Globe CP#. I do not want to stay in a company where customers are never valued.

    No Loyalty. No Integrity.

    1. Nearly 2-decade former plan holder here. Until today. They were easier to talk to terminate my lines, than they were to resolve my issue. Not looking back, and feeling so much happier about it.

  10. We both have a postpaid handy phone and mobile broadband at home. We were having issues with their billing with the former. We checked the bill then paid for it. What happened was we were advised tp pay 2x after bill has been fully paid due to the overlimit of the credit line. We made numerous calls for these since we were asked to make 2 other payments to satisfy the bill then they redirected the plan 2x or 3x. It was really a pain the neck
    We demanded to have this corrected but it took them time before it was corrected. They weren’t even sorry about. The worst customer service ever. Now with our broadband they are threatening my husband that if we won’t be paying the unpaid bills they would blacklist him. We are almost in our end of contract this March. They keep on calling on my husband to pay the bill. Is is justifiable to pay a bill that they have redirected and not in use? Can we dispute this?

  11. I have 2 globe and 1 smart postpaid. I don’t like either of them. Their customer service sucks! They are now pushing subscribers to use their chat support via facebook and dang! It takes ages before someone replies(a real person). Guess what they’ll, “Hi, I’m sorry I was not able to respond to you right away. We have high volume right now and may end up closing your current session. Send me a message if you still have any concerns. For security reasons, we may require a few questions to process your transaction. Have a great day!” what an actual crap, right?

  12. Lesson learned for me. I decided to go on prepaid because not only pang masa, but the promos they have are way cheaper (due to unli call, texts, or even mobile internet) compared to postpaid’s offer, OR, always choose lowest possible credit limit on postpaid, to prevent finding yourself to call postpaid hotline and ends up getting unacceptable resolution. I surf a lot. But, I use Globe prepaid because it’s way cheaper and secure (getting bill shock) haha, and my Smart postpaid is purely call and text only with a ridiculous monthly credit limit of P500 only. Hihi. That’s my own way to prevent myself to hear that as per their computer; “The charge incurred is valid”, but their app at that moment told me otherwise. I settled my Smart’s on top of the internet charge, and the rest is history. I will go berserk mode if I get to unauthorized bill charge.

  13. Here too…i got a plan from Globe Limketkai Branch, Cagayan de Oro last Sept. 1,2019 and guess what till now it’s not yet activated!! Keeps on propmting “sim card not provisioned”.. then i got an eBill from them having my CP number in which i wasnt i formed that i already have it..we have it checked at other branch and they said that they’ll contact CdO but still nothing..now they’re billing for something i havent used yet…come.on Globe Telecom

  14. We applied for Plan 1299 (that’s postpaid) that had “10 mbps speeds” and 150GB of data last July. Our family of four was never able to consume even half the data allotment they gave us. Out of 150GB, we’d pay while there were still 95 GB left. The reason? Their awfully slow internet. Some of you might say it’s because of our location but we have 3 bars of LTE signal. I see it in my phone that the speeds only reach 30 kbps (download speed) that’s awfully far away from even half the speed they promised us. Downloading a 20 mb file reaches 30 minutes! When I loaded up my own phone with GS50 to try if there is something wrong with our signal, my phone would give out 410 kbps of download speed (even if it’s ‘rush hour’), and the same 20 mb file would be finished by 1-2 mins. I think they’re intentionally lowering speeds to coerce us into buying a faster and more expensive plan, sneaky snitches. To prospective plan buyers out there, I suggest NEVER avail of Globe’s promos if you want a stress-free internet surfing. If I only knew of their rotten service beforehand I wouldn’t have availed of their plans.

    1. I also have the same situation like this but I did is I fixed it by myself. I googled for LTE signal strength and move the antenna to a nicer and higher SINR signal, now my 150gb can’t even last 15days. You can watch youtube tutorials on how you can improve your signal. I don’t want to move on another telco company since all of the telco here in the Philippine are trash.

  15. The post paid phones are like gold standard. If you sum it up, you’ll be getting no benefit from being a subscriber. Globe used to have great phone promos. Now they suck bigtime, tbh.

  16. I’ve been a subscriber of globe for more than 5 years now. I renewed my 3 plans 3 times but now I’ll be downgrading my plans and opt to buy a phone elsewhere. Unlike before, phone + load is cheaper than the prepaid, but now, you are like buying an overpriced phone, on top of that you don’t get the best services worth your money.

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