Getting Started with a Globe Postpaid Plan

Getting Started with a Globe Postpaid Plan

This is part 1 of 3 of my blog posts about my review on getting a Globe postpaid plan. It has been more than two years since I got a Globe postpaid plan. I am almost near bill no. 50. You can find the other parts here:

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This post is a blog post that prospective customers of Smart and Globe can use before they decide to subscribe to the postpaid services of the network of their choice. The list contains the things that the agents might not tell you and that you should know.

NOTE: Load Tipid Plan is not considered a real postpaid plan. It’s glorified prepaid. This is blog post is not for that plan. This post is for Globe My Super Plan. 

Things To Remember Before Applying for A Globe Postpaid Line

Before applying for a Globe Mobile Postpaid, you should read clearly the fine prints of your subscription. You should first research about what is included in your postpaid plan. You should also take note of the following when you apply for a postpaid plan because sometimes the staff of Globe Telecom will not mention these to you:

  1. Services included in the monthly service fee
  2. Services NOT included in the monthly consumable service fee
  3. Early termination charges

Call 730-1000 or 211 if you are a Globe prepaid subscriber. Ask a lot of questions before giving out your application form and your financial capability details.

Compare what the call center agents are saying and what the service agreement says. Sometimes, the call center agents don’t know what is written in the paper that you signed.

From my experience, when I asked about closing my postpaid account, they told me that I need to pay 10,000 pesos…but hell no! I read the fine print of my subscription, it says I only need to pay 550 pesos plus the phone price during the first year, or 550 plus 50% of the phone price after the first year of subscription.

Getting a Globe Postpaid With A Discounted/Free Phone

Same as before, when you get a Globe postpaid line with a subsidized phone, you will only get the following:

  1. Your phone of choice (locked to Globe)
  2.  Your exclusive 128K Globe postpaid SIM

Same as before, you will not be getting a welcome kit or a mini-self help kit from Globe Telecom. Therefore, you will not have any idea what is the after-sales support number of Globe Telecom, if you are a foreigner. If you are bringing a phone from another country, you will not be able to figure out how to activate or deactivate the following call features manually:

  • Call forwarding
  • Call barring
  • Call waiting

When you apply for a Globe postpaid, you need to give the Globe Telecom staff the required documents (found on the Globe web site) and the completely filled out form.

You are also required to pay the service fee in advance. So if you availed for a free phone in Plan 299, you need to give them 299 pesos at the time of application.

Update (March 24, 2015): As of March 24, 2015, Globe has again reduced the number of postpaid plans to just one plan. It’s now My Lifestyle Plan. I don’t understand why they keep on removing postpaid plan options.
NOTE: This blog post is neither sponsored by Globe Telecom, PLDT nor any telecommunications company.

DISCLAIMER: All contents of this blog post are based on the author’s experience. Some services may have changed. The information provided may be inaccurate at the time of reading. As this blog post was last updated on March 24, 2015.

WARNING: To sales agents of PLDT (Smart and Sun), Globe Telecom or any other telecommunications company, KEEP OUT OF THIS BLOG. You are not allowed to do any form of advertisement here. Your comments that contain advertisement will be deleted as soon as I detect them.

Last Update: 24 March 2015 7:21 PM

151 Replies to “Getting Started with a Globe Postpaid Plan”

  1. Thanks for these valuable info, really beneficial for those who are inkling to get a postpaid plan from Globe, like me. Really gives the nudge think seriously about it. I am sure a lot of consumers are not aware of this as well. I am sure this will give them second thoughts. Thanks!

    1. you’re definitely correct. I just subscribed to globe and my first month’s bill is too high. I even made a pre-payment before the services were installed but the payment was not posted on my first bill. I called customer service hotline and then agents told me that if I am going to cancel my 24 mo subscription I am going to pay around P8000,00. I was very disappointed because upon signing up I only agreed for 12 mos contract. I am still having issues right now. I don’t know what to do. The sales agent who visited us and the call center agents information were different. And until now, I don’t know how to resolve the issue. 🙁

      1. why not contest it? or file a formal complaint with the NTC. I for one, who has no fault in the matter, asked an agent to discontinue my unlicall and unlitext service but i think this agent was high because i repeatedly say, sana wala ako maging problema at unlicall and unlitext ang pinapatanggal ko. akalain mo naman, tinerminate yung line ko. its been 5 days wala akong line. im losing money because my phone is my life line. kung ako sayo at ginawa sakin yan, i will not pay the 8k. ill see them in court. like right now for example. i haven’t paid my iphone 5 yet and they terminated my contract through their agent… if they ask me to pay for the phone i would not pay it and i will see them in court/ntc or whatever, because they cannot retrieve what i have lost which was huge amounts of money. lahat naman yang agents na yan pasa pasa eh. sa totoo naman walang nareresolve, at their own pace lang yan kaya nakakapikon alam na natin systema.

      2. I’m happy atlast i’ll end up my contract with globe, Swear i’ll never be a post paid subscriber again to GLOBE

      3. yang mga telecommunication company mga mukhang pera yan mga bwisit na yan…tinatawanan lang tayo ng mga may ari niyan…tayo naman mga tao kawawa..nagbabayad tayo ng insakto para sa serbesyo na hindi naman natin nagagamit…umaabuso na sila dahil naging dependent na tayo sa kanila dahil naging monopolya na nila ang negosyong ito….iyong globe at smart at sun ay kunwari mag kumpetensiya pero sa likod niyan eh sila sila rin ang nag uusap kung paano nila tayo lalamangan para magka pera sila…..walang hiya sila..nagpapayaman sila at yumaman pero gahaman pa rin sa pera…sumpain sila na sana ay dapuan sila ng sakit na walang kagalingan hanngang sa huling salin lahi nila………..

  2. Thanks bro! I’m really thinking of getting a iPhone 4 or 4S from Globe and I’m really confused since from what I read earlier, Globe’s billing scheme is complicated/confusing. I’ve always thought that the consumables are true- which aimed me to thinking “sweet!” but sadly, it’s a lie. Sigh. What do you think of Smart though? Most of my contacts are Globe users and I’d probably be billed a higher amount when I go with Smart.. Let me know!

    Katrina Louise

    1. that’s the problem. @.@ most of my contacts are on Globe as well. I am actually thinking of moving to Smart but doing so will make my cellphone bill more expensive later on.

      now I am thinking…it’s NTC’s fault. they are not doing something to protect the public by asking the networks to minimize the ‘interconnection’ fees…or they (NTC) are not even doing anything to interconnect the two networks at all. with that, we can freely choose either smart or globe 🙂

      1. Hmm.. Guess you’re right. But won’t I get charged at a more expensive price if I switch to Smart then starts texting/calling most of my friends from Globe? but at the same time, Globe’s plans for the iP4s is really expensive and I probably won’t use everything and I have to cash out 10k something while in smart, I think you just need to pay the plan fee + the phone’s fee which is 999 every month…. cheaper in my own opinion

        1. I think Smart’s offer for the iPhone is better because you are allowed to pay it on installment terms…for the entire duration of your contract with them…charged to bill …no credit cards needed 🙂

    2. all i can say, globe’s service sucks. mas madami LTE range ng Smart kaysa sa globe right now as i am speaking. madaming idiotic agents sa globe na hindi tinutukan concerns ng kanilang subscribers. dapat nga meh mas priority ang postpaid user kasi constant binabayaran nila kehsa sa prepaid. they do not give priority to those who pay more and being a life long subscriber.

  3. Hey bro,

    Thanks for this post. I’m currently planning on getting a 4s postpaid plan, and I’m thinking of getting a consumable base plan + unlimited call/text to Globe (same network).

    So my question is: is data usage (social networking, emails, etc) being charged to my consumable base plan? or is it going to be charged on top of it?


    1. if you are going to use Power Surf or unlimited surfing, it will be charged on top of your consumable plan. If you are going to use regular rates, it will be taken from the monthly service fee.

  4. Very informative posts…
    I’m planning to apply for the plan 1799 with a samsung galaxy tab 7.0 plus…I just want to ask if after the 24 months lock-in period, will the tab be mine or be given back to globe? ty…

  5. The item/phone you get from Globe is already yours after you reached 24months of paying your plan mr optimeister.

    thanks for the posts. its really smart to think deeply in involving in such 2 years of contracts like this, its still a matter of money. but Globe postpaid offers are still nice in local areas and for calling and texting purposes. well in fact, some people consume the amount of load they are paying EQUAL to the Globe postpaid plans like unlimited calls and texts. We just have to be smart enough in dealing with other people or business. you are already a Globe user, be wise on the money you spent each day or month, you may gain better from your usually have from you are paying.

    but this article is such a good help for every phone users. Thanks again 🙂 i have enjoyed reading the page 🙂

  6. PLAN 2499 iphones 16gb.. If you planning to apply postpaid to globe you should not expect to much expectation because you will end up very dissapointed . They will tell you that it only takes 3 to 5 days to approve your application…dont believe to them i think one employee per branch do the approval processing..hehe. its been 9 days passed since I applied to them i always follow up to them thru that none sence texting support (1234) that always reply you that ” ALL our agent are busy at the moment please try again later”. In smart and sun you can get your phone that day when you apply and it also activate after 1 hour.


    1. Globe’s changed now. I got approved in less than an hour and got my handset in less than 30mins. It’s the sim activation that really gets to you. It takes FOREVER for them to activate their postpaid sim cards. Which is weird because Smart activates theirs in 1hr and Sun in less than 24.

      1. I dont think Globe changed. I got my application approved on the spot when I signed up. It’s still the same, more than 2 days before your SIM gets activated.

  7. this post is very informative since i am gaging wher am i going to apply for a postpaid line. I actually have a plan from globe way back 2009 and its true that they’r not sending you any paper bills they will just send you text messages so I decided not to pay it until i recieved the paper bill ofcourse I need to check the my usage, later on, 3 mos after i lost the phone and 4mos after globe teminated my phone line and i had an outstanding balance of 8k but still not recieveing a bill. I keep on following it up with customer service but i don’t think their doing something and then 6mos after I recieved a letter from a collection company that I have 18,000.00 outstanding charges from globe that I need to pay and If i did not settle it I will be imprison but still didn’t pay it.

    And now I’m planning to apply for another phone line with iphone 4s. I already intquired with Smart but their phone line were too expensive with iphone rather than globe. Your correct that for iphone 4s 32gb for smart you’ll get it 999+1200 every month but the bundle is not worth it you’ll only get 200txt all network and 20mins call to all network and 250mb data plan, so how can u enjoy iphone with just 250mb data plan though we have wifi at home it still doesn’t compensate with the price.

    But with globe I inquire and they offer me 1,700 a month with unlinited data plan, unlimited text to all networks, 200mins to all network and you can add another bundle of your choice however you need to pay an initial cash out of 5k and the 5k you can pay it for 6montys if you have a credit card they will also deliver the phone after a week so when you sum it up it’s more cheaper with globe but my worry is that Im wondering If they can track my unpaid balance haha..:-)

    1. about smart’s iphone offering, yes. I do think that it is not worth it…in terms of text, calls and data as well. Besides, the free calls…they charge us by the minute, not by the second. about the data, kung ginawa nilang 500 MB ‘yun, pwede na. besides, you won’t be watching Youtube and you won’t be updating your apps all the time.

      about globe’s offer, I I haven’t been to a Globe store and I am not updated about their promos. hehe

      hope that helps.

    2. Just my opinion, I think imprisonment as punishment for non-payment of debt is unlawful, unless they could prove that you have an intention to defraud them from the very beginning. If you apply in globe, they will surely check your track record (credit standing).

    3. Ofcourse they can..
      I think it takes 5 years onward before they will delete information about old accounts including the previous unpaid balances.

      1. i asked an globe agent regarding that matter. you’re lucky if your name is out of the system and be able to apply again. i don’t know if its true na if you have unpaid balance and you passed and naavail mo ang service, ma-charged daw sa nagrelease ng plan yung unpaid balance nung subscriber.

  8. Hi. Thanks for this informative post! I was just wondering if I can still use my existing Globe prepaid number when I switch to postpaid? I don’t wanna trouble myself and my contacts of changing my number eh. TIA.

  9. Very well said! Globe’s customer service is a joke! Way back it was very good and all the agents were friendly. I feel sorry for them.

  10. Hi! I need your advice. I’ve always been on Globe prepaid and reading this blog was very informative since I am seriously thinking of signing up for a postpaid data plan. My ol’ fateful Sony Ericsson G700 just died it’s “natural?” death after 4 years of service, and I currenty have my eye on Samsung Galaxy S II, which I believe will not be fully effective without a postpaid plan. I read a LOT of fanfiction online and also browse the usual social networking sites. I only text and rarely about 5 people in my life and I am just shelling a LOT of money just buying prepaid cards since I use Globe’s time-charging prepaid internet service. Do you think it will be wise for me to sign up for their plan 1799? Or based on your experience, should I just stick with my prepaid gig where at least I have control over my data usage (no load, no internet)? Thanks!

  11. I ordered via phone today for bb9220 in plan 499 + 299 for bb social. I just hope there won’t be any hidden charges. and regarding bb social is it 299 for the whole billing cut-off or just for 30 days?

    1. it will be for 30 days and you will be billed for renewal if you keep the subscription every month. There won’t be any hidden charges unless you call to other networks or if not included on your plan.

        1. You’ll have to call them for an update. You have to call the Sales hotline to reach them because the hotline from the website is not very helpful. Chat is also a good option if you have good connection (I got disconnected for several times and it’s annoying).

  12. Sir ask lng about s sim actvation.i got my postpaid plan last saturday and my sim iis still not working. Its been two days already and im starting to get worried. Should i just wait for globe and do nothing?
    Already tried mailing them but to no avail. Hope you can help me in this matter.TIA

    1. hi, same problem here. it’s been 2 days waiting for my sim to be activated. may i ask if your sim is already activated and how long? Thanks so much.

  13. I enjoyed reading’s so informative..i just entered my unlisurf plans plus unli calls and texts to globe/tm..but after reading this i’m starting to get worried of having hidden charges..and does unlisurf have some limit?need your advose please..thank you..

    1. Based on my experience with globe for the past 2 years, I did not incur hidden cost. Mine is a 499 plan with 2 freebies. I chose to get 2 free idd calls n intl texts. I am also subscribed to the unli call n text to globe numbers for 599 a mth. My mthly bill is 1098 = 499+599. My 499 worth of consumables is sufficient to cover my calls and text to other networks. If u entered an unlisurf plan of 1799 n up, u wun hv a problem bcos you hv 800 wortg of consumables to cover ur texts and calls that exceeded wats allowed in ur freebies. Ur unlimited data plan needlesd to say, has gurranteed u 24/7 usage without extra charges. Unless u make more than 800 pesos worth of chargeable calls n texts, I believe ur monthly bill will be 1799 per mth.

  14. Globe customer service sucks. I did apply for plan 1799 unli surf plan and it has been three weeks already. Today is my 7th follow-up and all I receive is this “Let me check your postpaid line application with our sales team. Please expect a call or an SMS feedback on the status of your application within 24 to 48 hours. ” and as expected I will not receive any feedback. If I do experience this during the early stage, I will also expect to experience an extremely lousy after-sales service.

    1. You just applied to the wrong store. Some of globe’s stores are very accomodating and have good service feedback, as well as after-sales. In fact, if you provide them every document they require, your application should be processed within an hour or two (based on my experience). Try it to other stores and you might get a good luck. This is the same for Smart and SUN.

  15. I’m planning to apply for samsung galaxy s3 for globe 1799 plan.. but after reading this im worried that its not worth to apply for and that it may have hidden charges.. anyone here who has any review for s3 globe 1799 plan.. will i still go for it? thanks much ..

  16. Well, nakakatawa lang talaga isipin. I, myself is a post paid user of Globe, ( ip4s plan 2499 unlisurf+1500 consumable +5 freebies), everything seems nice, ok na lahat kahit 16gb lang ung phone (at least i didn’t need to cash out and i don’t need that much of storage capacity anyway), unli surf was a wise choice for me, grabe talaga ako maka consume kasi ng data and the freebies part were awesome (that was a nice touch added by Globe)!

    But, to quote and unquote “consumable load”. That’s a different story. They should’ve explained that part well tungkol sa plan. I assumed that was self-explanatory, that you are allocated 1500 per month’s worth of load totally to your dispense. Kaya nga consumable eh. Bahala ka, to God knows what you’ll do with it! Pero hindi pala. I was totally shocked to know that you won’t be able to convert that to any promos that they have.

    If you’re planning to register to any promo that they do have, remember that it will always be on top of the bill. Ang hirap lang kasi, I was planning to register sa unli call and text nang globe for a month using my consumable load and the rest na matitira will be allocated for idd and as well as for calls, texts and mms that i’d send out to other networks or countries that i may choose. nakaka disappoint lang talaga. at isa pa ung factor na: you don’t have the option to check the remainder of your freebies. Diba? Para at the very least aware ka kung saan na nila kukunin ung mga succeeding charges, sa consumable mo ba oh kung saan man. as a consumer we have the right to know what we are paying for, and this is totally unfair on our end for them to go on about that. Sana baguhin na nila ung systema nila. Kasi whatever happens tayo ang costumer hindi natin utang na loob sa kanila ung serbisyo at produktong binibigay nila, binabayaran natin to.

    un lang.. labas labas lang ng sama ng loob tungkol dito.. (whew.. hinga.. beathe-in.. breath-out.. ten more times! hahaha) ngiti na ulit.. baka pumanget.. 😀

    1. I share the same sentiment. I subscribe to Power Surf every month but the agent told me that even until now, they do not provide a tool to postpaid subscribers to check their remaining data allocation.

  17. Hi.. I just applied to Globe’s Plan 999 (Consumable) yesterday. I opted for the S3 phone and installment ung cash-out supposedly ng phone so included na sya sa bill (P700 monthly cash out for 24mos).. So bale, 999+700=P1699 per month.
    I only have one freebie for the Plan 999 so I chose ung My Super One. Tapos sabi nung sales rep, its compulsary daw to have a data plan, so she offered the Power Surf 99 for 30 days of 50mb data. Sabi nya, it will be charged “AS PART OF THE CONSUMABLE” so unless I will exceed the said 50mb alloted data and the remaining consumable amount from my Plan for other stuff (like calls and texts and downloads), I will pay 1699 still, even with the Booster. Is this true? Kasi from what I’ve read and known from before, ung mga boosters are on top of the bill. I just wanna make sure, para di ako ma surpise should the application be approved and the bill arrives (if it will. haha)..

    Btw, thanks for this blog. its SO INFORMATIVE. ^__^

  18. right now I am still confused. I have this plan 499 for 2 weeks now and subscribed to power surf 99, they say na pag malapit ko na maconsume yung 50MB mark makakatanggap daw ako ng message. para daw ma monitor ko yung usage ng MB ko i download ko daw itong “My Data Manager” na free sa google play na nang malaman ko na kahit pala sa pc ka na magdownload ng apps eh may bayad parin sa globe? P.I diba? so dinowload ko na tong data manager na to, nung mag 50 MB na yung usage ko wala parin akong natatanggap na msg. from them na naabot ko na yung 50MB mark so nag unsubscribe nalang ako panigurado para di na ko umabot sa 999. so nung nag check ako kung ilan na yung unbilled fees ko lumabas na 1,300+ na 2 weeks palang yun, dios ko saan ako kukuha ng 1.3k eh 598 lang ang budget ko. sa 1.3 na yan 900 ang internet usage . what? hindi naman ako nag susurf dito sa mobile eh may internet naman ako sa computer at may extra cellphone ako na may free surfing. so tumawag ako sa customewr swervice nila. at nalaman ko na yung mga apps na free sa google play na dinoload ko sa computer directly to my mobile eh may charge pala sa kanila? ano to sugapa?

    makikilabas din ng sama ng loob. sasadyain ko nalang yung center nila mismo bukas. kung pwede lang ipa terminate agad. naku

  19. I was thinking of getting a postpaid plan from Globe these past few months. I did my research, read the terms and finally my findings were verified and confirmed by this article.

    I’ve made my decision. I’m sticking to my good ol’ Globe prepaid line, which I had for over a decade already. 🙂 Prepaid offers are really great here in Davao. I can manage to make my P500 last for 2-3 months of sensible use.

    For postpaid, I’m sticking to SUN Cellular, its really cheap and great for business since a lot of business people have a Sun number. I can also feel the benefit of the Smart-Sun merger, since Sun users now have access to Smart’s network in areas where Sun is non-existent or had historically poor signal. Though, access to Smart via Local roaming is only for calls and text. Mobile internet is pretty crap with Sun outside major cities. Calls to Smart is also very cheap. For calls to globe contacts, I have my trusty old prepaid line.

    I just hope the benefits of Globe’s network upgrade would be fully available to prepaid users.

  20. Hi Vince! Are you keeping your Globe Plan 299? Or are you just maintaining the Smart Freedom Plan? I have that same Globe postpaid plan my smart is currently prepaid. Thinking of getting a Smart Freedom Plan as back up but don’t know if I am better off staying prepaid.
    Like you I have 200 +Globe contacts and only 24 Smart so I won’t give up Globe.

  21. to savage your note:
    postpaid – something you pay for after the lease of a certain service
    prepaid – something you pay for before using the service

    now, wth is the meaning of your glorified prepaid?

    1. i am not dumb. Glorified prepaid means a prepaid account where you will be able to get a free phone with globe provided you undergo a two year contract with them.

      It’s basically prepaid with added benefits. Wth.

    2. vinz is right pal(so dumb). The term is only used to describe the difference of the regular postpaid and that of Globe’s Load Tipid Plan(referred here as the “glorified prepaid”, which works as a prepaid, only under a two year contract with specific amount of “postpaid” load every month) The definition of prepaid and postpaid here is about Telcon services, not just about your ordinary dictionary so that the reader will not be confused. I also think the postpaid and prepaid does not only pertain to services but to purchases as well.. Careful before you “savage” other’s note if you are “so dumb” to post this kind of comment.

  22. Hi. I just checked my unbilled charges and found “VAS and other services”. What is this charge and where am I getting them from?

  23. hi.. pano ko malalaman kung ilan nalang ang balance ko sa 299 consumable na plan.. pag nagtetext ako sa 2312 ang reply lang nila lagi ay


    4Days na nung naactivate na ang sim ko pero till now ganyan parin ang reply sakin..

  24. nice review bro. I just wanna ask how long does it usually take for them to approve you postpaid application? Is there any way wherein we could follow our applications? Coz i remember my brother submit his req 3 days back, and up until now we dont get a word from globe.

  25. Hi! I enjoyed reading your blog. Super informative nya. Pero I just want to know kung yung Unli Surf plan 1799 ba eh free yung pag-gamit ng internet or i-chacharge yon sa bill ko or sa consumable? I don’t have any idea kasi eh. I’m planning to avail plan 1799 with a discounted iPhone 5. Hoping you will be able to reply. God Bless!

    1. Try calling 211 😀 or 730-1010 to confirm. But from what I know, you have 800 pesos consumable for voice, messaging and value added services. you have unlimited internet access.

  26. hi vince…thanks for this blog…it’s very informative about my part. i’ve been a globe postpaid subscriber for the past 7months. im enrolled to the My Super Plan 999 via Nokia Lumia 610. the 999 is all consumable. i dont have any problems so far with the billing except for the fact that prior to the subscription i did asked their agent if the P999 monthly bill already includes the VAT. but it was a total lie, though its still manageable.

    can i ask your advice, please. (and hope you would respond to my query). im planning to terminate my subscription (its a 24 month locked-in). i would like to subscribe to an iphone5 plan but Globe’s offering is way out of my budget (the plan 1799). i liked the smart offering of plan 999 since they already offered it an unlidata with 40mins and 100texts free to ALL-NET. Globe’s 999 needs you to add up a data plan on top of your P999 monthly fee.

    1) do you have any idea how much they will charge me for the pre-termination fee?
    2) will they charge me for the phone as well? how much do you think would it cost me?

    thank you so much and hope you would respond to my inquiry… God bless!!!

    1. first of all,

      the ones you see in the details of your bill are VAT-exclusive rates. If you multiply these rates by 1.12 (for services with 12% VAT), that’s the true cost of the service. Therefore, your consumption in one month should be 891.96 (without the VAT)

      For pretermination fee, I haven’t tried asking about that. Usually it’s the actual cost of the phone + administration fees.

  27. “You are now on Time Browsing w/the following terms and conditions: 1. You will be charged P5 for every 15 mins of mobile browsing regardless of the # or type of sites visited. 2. You will be charged P5 for the next 15-min session. 3. Charging doesn’t apply to Blackberry service. Blackberry service will still be charged per KB of use. 4. No refund will be made if disconnected before 15 mins are up. 5. Applicable to browsing within the Phils. only.”

    Kumuha ako ng plan 1800(ip5) unlisurf.800 consumables.freebies.

    Pero bat ganun may charge yung pag net ko. Saka regular load na pang text lang ba yung consumable?

  28. hi vinz, thanks for sharing. I think for most of us who wants to have a postpaid plan (and those who already have), its better we share our experiences (not only from Globe, but for Smart and SUN as well) so that we could be informed of their pros and cons for comparison. Kudos to vinz and others who share their experiences for the benefit of the readers!

    hi kris, just to add up and not to misinform you, I think the plan 999 of iphone 5 16gb in Smart (the unlidata plan) includes either a cash-out of 19,000.00 or 24-month installment (of course with acceptable credit card) of 791/mo, meaning, if you so choose the installment method, it would have a total of 1,790/mo minimum charges (you are right about the freebies though). Globe offers the same 1799/mo for iphone 5 but for a cash out of 4800 (not sure for any installment scheme), or 999/mo and either 19,200.00 or 800.00/mo cash out. As for the pre-term, I alrady asked one of their agents about it, I’ll try to compare it to SUN’s, I don’t know about Smart but vinz is right, it usually is the phone’s price (brand new) at the time of subscription.

    for 24-mo subscription
    less than 1 year 100% of the phone’s price
    more than 1 year 50% of the phone’s price

    Check the back of the application form (its indicated there) but the pre-term fee for their 30-month subsrcipion with more than 15 months on contract is I think 5,000 + price of the phone (regardless of your plan; way too expensive so you are forced to finish your contract).

    hi ian, you could check with the CSR your concern, I think Globe’s CSR is better than Smart and SUN, your internet is paid for 999/mo already and no other charges should be made.

    Just an info for everyone, the consumables for both Globe and SUN, regardless of your plan, are only applicable for calls and texts to ALL NETWORKS (I’m not really sure for what vinz said about the value-added services and downloads from Globe store cause I haven’t tried that yet,and the pay-per-use internet is not allowed of course to those enrolled under unlidata plan) and all others are charged “TOP-OF-THE-BILL”. For subscribers with free calls and texts, your consumption would be allocated first to freebies then to consumables. I think all three networks have the same bill’s inquiry via call or text that does not specify your remaining freebies but only your peso consumption. As for SUN, all your free calls and text are charged first then deducted on your cut-off date, unli subscriptions are not included. I agree to vinz, it is the same with SUN, that amounts in the bills inquiry are VAT-EXCLUSIVE.

    For those enrolled under unlidata plan, be weary for the “data cap” or “fair use policy” of your service providers. Here are those:

    Globe: 800mb/day (excess usage will throttle your internet speed)
    Smart: 1,500mb/mo (excess usage will throttle your internet speed to 24kbps)
    *Internet browsing speeds (downloads and uploads) always vary from one area to another, you could check out speed tests in youtube for basis, although not all of them are reliable. As for 4g, I don’t know the coverage of Smart, but Globe has only 4g network within Makati area (same charge as 3g if I’m not mistaken for mobile browsing and also applicable for unlidata subscribers). No info for SUN.

    The above information are those that I have experienced and inquired about in their respective CSR’s and I’m not yet aware for any changes/updates. You should confirm them with their agents and representatives.

    Advice: Always do your research first and inquire ALL about their services and charges before applying, and don’t be deceived for their tempting offers and get too excited for them. There is no cost for careful planning and analysis but the failure to do so is sometimes unbearable.n_n.

    Kudos for everybody!

    1. hindi naman po kaya kayo ma-charge ng extra above the data cap? my my mobile wifi’s thingy already says 837 GB and it’s just my first month in the smartbro 500 plan. ang bill ko for the partial month this billing cycle ay 699.50

      Meanwhile, I’m also subscibed to globe’s unlidata/powersurf 999 with a blackberry 9320 and I share my internet to my tab/my friends via the mobile hotspot function.

      sana hindi naman ako mamulubi sa additional charges. :ss

      1. Supposedly, NO. We shouldn’t be charged for the excess usage over the data cap, after all, we are enrolled under UNLIDATA plan. Under their fair usage policy (Globe and SMART, as required and approved by NTC if I’m not mistaken), our connection will continue even we reach the data cap only on a slower speed (Throttling) so that we could not abuse the use (fair usage) of the Telcons’ bandwidths (those who are downloading huge amount of data and causes bandwidth traffic) and will not affect the delivery of the Telcons’ “Premium Services” on their other subscribers. I think SmartBro is different since it’s not considered as “mobile internet” but “wireless broadband”. Just ask you CSR.

        Is there a “Powersurf999”? I think powersurf only has a 499/mo (max of 1gb/mo) promo and the unlidata is the “Supersurf999”. Both Supersurf and Powersurf are not UNLIDATA, they are UNLI on minutes only as long as you do not exceed their respective caps.

        Fair Usage Policy from Globe website for Supersurf –
        “The service provides a peak volume capacity currently set at 800 MB per account per day. Should you exceed the peak capacity within the day, the service will be temporarily unavailable until end of day. However, service will resume on the following day. But you can opt to forfeit your remaining subscription to the promo and browse on a pay-per-use basis at P5 for 15 minutes to browse continuously.

        Subscribers who are surfing via the P5-for-15-minutes scheme are not subject to the Fair Use Policy, as are subscribers using promos other than SuperSurf” – (

        Check out these sites:

        You could do a little research yourself and try asking CSR’s.

      2. You should have asked the CSR all the details of your plan first, including all the bundled services and charges that may apply, before you even passed your application.

      3. Kei I shall.

        Eh kasi naman, yung label ng plan ay UNLI. Yun pala, the fine print says na merong cap yung limitlessness nung service. In other words, I wouldn’t have known what to ask until i read your reply sir.

      4. Okei, Just saying cause I had been into situation like that (sa SUN, ung unang postpaid ko kc bsta lng ako ngapply without asking everything about the plan) so what happened was that I’m in a plan 450 but my average consumption was I think 800-900/mo. So the free phone I got was not worth my consumption. Since then I do extensive research and comparisons first para ndi n maulit, tska mdmi dming tanong s CSR’s to the point n nkukulitan cla skn.. Mahirap ng mgcommit at maipit ult ng 24 months n d mo alm ung whole contract niu with the service providers.. Hehe..

        The CSR’s and Sales Agents will really not tell you the details of the plan, that’s their marketing strategy (“unli” which is in reality have data caps), so it’s up to us to ask. Madami akong kilala n ngreklamo kasi hindi nla alm n ksma pla ung mga “limits” and “top-of-the-bill” charges s plan nla ng ndi nla alm, tas ndi mo cla msisi kc ssbhn nla “nsa contrata po mam/sir”, prompting them to pay in excess of their budget. Hope you will not over spend and avoid additional charges.. 😉

    2. Hi! Just want to ask kung ano po yung una kong babayaran kapag nag apply ako ng postpaid plan. Please response. Thank you!

  29. Just to Correct this statement:

    “Is there a “Powersurf999″? I think powersurf only has a 499/mo (max of 1gb/mo) promo and the unlidata is the “Supersurf999″. Both Supersurf and Powersurf are not UNLIDATA, they are UNLI on minutes only as long as you do not exceed their respective caps.”

    -Supersurf999, based on my observation is NOT unlidata.. Unlidata connection is when connections, subject to fair usage policy, are only throttled and not terminated.

    1. The phone is still locked. I think you should have it unlocked in any GBC. However, what I have experienced is that some GBC does not know how to unlock the phone, they’ll just refer you to a service center (it was a hassle for my part and would cost money so I just unlocked the phone myself). You could try going to any GBC.

  30. i have been a Globe post paid subscriber for months. However, there are unclear charges and my bill soared to as much as 7000 a month. i am planning to terminate my plan and just return the SIII phone. I dont wanna pay the pretermination fee. any advice please. thank u so much!

    1. I think they will not accept the phone. It’s either you pay the pre-term fee or finish the contract. Just ask them for the breakdown of your bill and raise objections if you found any (writing them a letter of reversal of charges), and they should look into the issue at hand.

    2. contest mo sa globe. mga ungas yang mga yan sa globe. you cannot return the phone anymore. but most likely you could contest and object yung 7k kung hindi mo tlga alam pano nangyare kasi usually binablind sided tayo ng globe sa mga HIDDEN CHARGES.

  31. Thank you for this article.

    This is my first postpaid plan 299, i apply online via their website, after 5 working days, received my unit with sim card from globe, delivered by a rider, wala manlang kahit anong papel or babasahin tungkol sa plan nila, i ended confused kung paano gamitin ang kanilang services, after almost 24 hours nagkasignal na ung unit, when i check bill via their website my nakalagay na VAS na hindi ko maintindihan. as of now wala pa akong billing na narerecieved from globe via email or sms.

  32. Great info. I moved here from the US. Does ANY service here offer Voice Mail? I went to SUN and SMART (after finding out that my new phone from GLOBE doesn’t have it), and they won’t even talk to me until I’m approved as a buyer. I own a business here with ten cell phones – but they still won’t talk without the application. I’m not used to the system.

  33. Hi.. last saturday, I apply for a plan 999 with samsung s3 mini.. they said it will activated after 24 to 48 hours ( 2 days), but till now 3rd day, still not yet activated… Do you any idea, how may days it will activate.

    1. naku miss cindy… 24-48 hours is bull. im telling you. eto kwento ko ah, i used to have a iphone 4s, i availed the i5 they have delivery etc with the sim, within the day they activated the nano sim with no problems at all…. as in wala pang 2 hours. tapos recently lang meron ako adjustment sa plan ko yung agent na kausap ko akalain mo naman TINERMINATE yung line ko? tapos mula March 17 up to now, wala pa din ako line kasi nirere-align daw nila etc. so sa dami kong agents na kausap from March 17 up to now, MONITOR MO LANG DAW 24-48 hours which they already exceeded. I already wrote to NTC, DTI and SEC to file a formal complaint kasi negligence ng company to do action to the agents na nambubullshit ng clients nila. akalain mo naman paasahin ka ng 24-48 hours eh ilang araw na nakalipas. yung phone ko i5 hindi pa bayad yan sa bill at balak ko hindi na bayaran, magkita nalang kami sa korte, kasi suntok sa buwan yang pag aabang mo sa activation sbihin ko sayo. kahti imbombard mo sila sa hotline nila pasa pasahan lang yan at puros MONITOR 24-48 hours yan im sure. i5 ko naging itouch nalang. losing money as we speak…

      1. Same with me pag dating sa Customer Service pinag pasa pasa lang at iba iba sinasabi nila… Pinaasa ng matagal…

  34. bottomline, lumalabas kasi 3 lang sila nagdodominate sa market, masyado nilang monopolized yung being a service provider. kaya no choice ka din masyado sa huli. parang cartel lang yan eh. hindi katulad kasi sa US, madami ka pwedeng pagpilian, or Japan, iilan lang pero super ayos naman service. itong top 3 natin dito sa pinas na provider eh ganid sa pera.

    so far i have 3 lines.

    used to have smart, discontinued smart because of the globe iphone 3gs before. smart was okay, but expensive.

    had problems with globe with the sky rocket bills biglang bubulaga sa billing statement mo. bukod dyan ung recent problem ko right now with them, that their agent TERMINATED my line without me telling them.

    sun even though hassle lang tlga sa pag pila sa mga stalls nila sa malls… so far their 3g for my Blackberry is pretty fast.

    so far i am disappointed with the service of globe. i might go back to my previous carrier smart. tutal i have the 64gb ng globe baka ibenta ko or unlock ko nalang sha manually then get a “UNLI”mited data plan from smart. geez.

  35. I am very disappointed with globe. I signed a contract with them last november. Sim activation took 4 days. After using the service for couple weeks. Phone start acting up. Went to customer service told them my promblem. They saw my phone star dialing or connecting to net without even touching the unit. Told me they need to send it for repair. I was out of phone for 3 weeks. After 3using weeks they texted my phone is ready and okay. I picked it up and went home. Still have the same problem. Went back right away to have the check it. Told me again they need to send it back again. After 43using weeks i went to the globe center to ask tge update. Told me phone is here and its okay now. We tested it and still doing the same. So told me again they need to send it back for repair. I asked them if there’s a chance they will replace the unit. Agent told no. They will only replace it if it come again same problem. Still waiting for the phone and still paying for the monthly bill while I am not even using it. I am very patient but this is getting rediculous. Asked them if they will refund me all the monthly bill that i paid since i wasn’t able yo use it. But manager told me know. I told them i will just terminate my contract. She told me i have to pay the phone amount and also early termination fee. What a BOGUS pay for the phone that i never able to enjoy… So, bottom line GLOBE IS A BUNCH OF BULLS. I have plan with smart for long time never have issues like this. If they I have problem with them it never dribe me to the wall. But globe, boy only with then since november and already have a huge headache….

  36. Great info. Question lang. Nakaactivate na ba kaagad yung unlitext booster once maactivate yung sim? 🙂 thank you in advance. 🙂

  37. You know, I could have sworn I’ve visited this blog before on but upon browsing at some of the articles I realized it’s new to me.
    Still, I’m gonna bookmark this blog and begin coming here frequently.

  38. gudday po! ask ko lang po, kasi last april 11,2013 (dat date ko rin nacompleto ung requirements ko) pa ako ng apply sa plan na 1799 (samsung galaxy s3) and hanggang ngayon wala pa din ako nrrcve na txt or twag? matagal po ba tlaga ang approval non.. kapag naman nagpupunta ako sa store nila, sinsabe nila na naipsa na daw nila w8 nlng daw na bumalik kung aprove ba, ganun ba tlga sa globe? worry lang kasi ako na bka natabunan na ung form ko.. pang 7days ko na ngayun, sinsabe din sa akin ng agents na wala pang status naiisip ko bka nakukulitan na sila sakin,, sbi kasi nila 3-5days lang daw.. ganun po ba tlga katagal? reply po tnx..

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  40. Ask ko lang kung ano ba yung mas better na plans? Mag a-apply po kasi ako sana sa Unli Data Plans ng smart dahil pwede daw dun ang wifi hotspot. hehe Pero confused padin ako. Ano po ba ang pwede nyong ma recommend na the best tlga na plan? Hmm more on INTERNET lang naman ang gagamitin ko since may isa pa akong cellphone pang text. Thank you. :DD

  41. I just got my s3 mini from globe yesterday. I wish I could have visited this blog before and researched more. Now I’m terrified that I’ll be charged with huge bills. Plus seeing the horror stories from the activation of sim up to the unfair I think I f*ed up.
    Anyway, I have a question, my consumables are 999 unli surfing and 125 texts to all networks. If I download apps and called using the phone, will I be charged on top of my 999 plan? What are not included in the consumables?

    1. You just have to be careful with the mobile internet, coz that’s where I got effed up. If you are the type who likes to travel abroad, NEVER EVER use your mobile data when you’re roaming. I got charged 5K for 15minutes of web browsing.

      1. Oh I see. But would I get additional charges for downloading stuff from my phone even if I am have unli internet included in my plan? Thanks for the reply! 🙂

  42. Hi ,
    Share lNg po ako, nag apply pk kasi ako sa globe plan 999 for s4,
    with Php 14,000 (14,000÷24=600) cash out sa 24mos. Contract, sa plan 999.( unli. Surf & 20 mins. Call globe and tm only /mo.)
    Expected bill ko po. Php1,599/mo. For 24 mos. Total of 38,376 if wala ako magiging iba pang charges, (sana wla)
    since. Prpaid po ko sa sun ,sobra tipid na ung
    200 unli text sun to sun, na may 4hrs sun to un call and 500 text to other network, kung tatawag nmn ako sa ibang network lagi nmn ako may bck up na reg.load..

    Since wala pa po ako balita sa globe, inag babasabasa parin po ko, kasi naisip ko lang if mag babayad ako ng 38k+ for 24mos, with unli surf not bad na po, kasi kung bibili ako s4 unit 35k -36k in 24 mos. Din. Sayang din nmn kahit surf lang, kay wifi nmn sa bahay at kung saan saan ka pumunta.
    Sa ngaun masaya po ako sa mga nabsa ko nakakatulong po talaga..god bless mga peepz!


  43. Hi, I want to apply sa plan kaso sabi I need a credit card daw.. sabi kasi BPO daw company ko, kaso sa IT field naman ako. Any suggestions? thanks 🙂

  44. Hi po, magtatanong lang po kung paano pag tapos na contract sa post paid and di mo na itutuloy, di na din po ba magagamit ung sim mo as prepaid.? Sana po may makasagot…

    Thanks in advance…
    God bless! 😀

  45. Any idea when the network upgrade will be done? Dunno whether to retain my globe or switch to smart as there is no globe signal at my house ever since the update began.

  46. About letting you choose your own number with Globe, they don’t have that anymore for free. You will assigned to a system-generation mobile number. They have the option removed last March 2013.

    If you wish to change your number, here the fees:

    Request to change (number still system generated) – P/550
    Request to change to preferred number – P/550 + P/5500
    Request to change to ‘golden’ or specialized number (like 09170071111 or 09173111331) – P/550 + P/10000

    Crazy, right?

  47. Hi pwede nyo po ba ako matulungan? .ilang months po ba bago ma cut ang supersurf plan internet kung hindi nababayaran ang mga bills.. Thanks po

  48. 5 mos left na lang and matatapos na yung 3yrs contract ko with globe. omg finally. pakiramdam ko makakalaya ako sa bilangguan. imagine 350 a month lang dapat monthly bill ko pero pagdating ng bill ko umaabot minsan 1.5k-2.5k ang charges sakin dahil sa data usage? i use an iphone 5 and alam ko na dapat lage mong itturn off yung cellular data mo para hindi continuous ang charging ng data. kung gamitin ko man yung data para mag surf ng net eh matagal na ang 15mins kasi super bilis lang. ginagamit ko lang pang reply sa tweets. i hardly use yung 3g nila kasi i have wifi at work and at home and patay ang cellular data ng iphone ko so hindi ko alam kung san nila pinagkukukuha ang charges nila sakin. well ofcourse magccomplain ako and aayusin naman nila. kaya lang every month na lang ganon ang problema eh. nakakapagod din kaya magalit everytime na makikita ko bill ko and nakakapagod din mag reklamo sa hotline nila. same old sh!t na lang. kaya few wks ago i decided to avail yung smart’s freedom plan and so far so good. masaya ako sa service. saktong sakto ang charges walang labis walang kulang and then yung globe simcard ko itinago ko na lang sa drawer. now my question is since mga 5mos left na lang ang natitira sa contract ko with globe tapos plan 350 a month lang sha, medyo natetempt kasi ako na hindi na lang sha bayaran dahil sa sama ng loob ko sa kanila. sobrang dami kong bad experiences kasi sa kanila. from poor signal to hidden charges. willing ako magbayad kahit ilang libo pa yan basta siguradong ako ang gumawa kaya lang hindi eh. gusto ko tuloy na pabayaan na lang at hindi na bayaran kasi super useless eh and hindi worth it. ano kaya ang worst na pwede mangyare? hope someone can give me a piece of advice. 🙂

    1. Hi! Just want to ask kung ano po yung una kong babayaran kapag nag apply ako ng postpaid plan. Please response. Thank you!

  49. Hi! Just want to ask kung ano po yung una kong babayaran kapag nag apply ako ng postpaid plan. Please response. Thank you!

  50. I’m a globe postpaid subscriber, lately yung billing system nila napaka hassle lagi akong my unpaid billing, pero luckily yung customer service na nakausap ko sa 211 na solve yung promblem ko, except yung Ken sa twitter.

    299 lang ang plan ko sa globe pero binabayaran ko timely, para may ma isumbat ako sa kanila!

  51. hi! do you have any idea about my situation? I haven’t received the devices yet, but now they’re calling me that I will receive those devices by next week, unfortunately, I wanted to cancel it now since I am planning to get another plan… Is it okay if I will not accept the plan (including its bundles), I haven’t signed any contracts yet.. plz help

  52. hi. i’m planning to avail a blackberry plan on globe. i was thinking that i will give the sim to my father who rarely text and call, hence i will be owning the mobile unit only. can i use other carriers? or can i use a prepaid globe sim card while the plan is running?

  53. If ever that I will not pay my postpaid bills anymore, will Globe sue me and put me into jail? I lost my phone and eversince, I didn’t pay my bill anymore.

    1. hello, it’s your responsibility to pay your cellphone bills. you can get a SIM card from globe for free. about the cellphone, it’s not globe’s responsibility to assume the liability. you have to get your a new phone and continue your contract. that’s the most moral choice.

  54. Hello! I have a concern lang. Hindi ko na kasi nabayaran yung postpaid account ko with Globe since Feb 2013. And theres this BPO company na tumawag nga sakin few days ago, telling me na my bill went up to 13,000 na daw. So i need to pay it daw ASAP. Actually sabi nila until tomorrow ko na lang pwedeng bayaran yung bill. My problem is, I really don’t have money right now to pay it, since Nov 2012 kasi wala na akong work. And they also told me na if di ko nga mababayaran, ma-bblocklist daw ako and they will file some legal actions. Is it really true? I’m just worried, aalis na kasi ako ng Pinas this September for work so nagwoworry lang ako na baka yun pa yung maging reason kung bakit di ako makaalis. Please response. Thank you!

    1. well, you will have some trouble getting a new postpaid subscription in the future.

      if you availed yourself of a two year contract, then globe assumes that you can pay. why would you avail a two year contract in the first place, that you cannot pay it?

  55. mga boss,ask ko lang po how long for globe postpaid sim to be activated? nag avail po kasi ako sa globe plan 999 with unli surf, until now d pa po activated yong sim at wala pa po ung handset, sabi po nung agent they’ll call or text nalang. same for the handset, how long will it take for globe to deliver it. any idea po mga boss

    pasensya na sa grammar at sa mga typo error….

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  57. Hi thanks to this blog. May question pala ako. Meron akong outstanding balance sa Globe na 15k (accumulated bill from Feb to August). In fairness naman to Globe, they’ve been very considerate to me since nagkaproblema ako sa adjustment sa new work ko this year kaya nagdwindle ang finances ko. Ito yung situation ko:

    1. 15k yung outstanding balance ko
    2. Temporarily disconnected ang line ko, though nakakareceive naman ako ng calls and texts
    3. I want to pay my bill ASAP
    4. Tapos na yung 2-year contract ko sa Globe nung August 20.
    5. iPhone 4s and unit ko

    Ito yung question ko:
    1. Pag nagexpire na ba yung contract ko sa Globe, pwede na ba akong mag-avail ng new handset nila including yung promo nila na pang-New Subscribers lang? Meron akong free handset from them (Blackberry ata)
    2. Pag kinuha ko ba yung new phone na reward, does it mean na tinatanggap ko yung new 2-year contract ni Globe at hindi na ako makaka-avail ng new subscription sa Globe?
    2. Gaano katagal bago makuha yung reward unit if ever?

    Based sa situation ko, ito naisip kong strategy para mabayaran ang bill ko:
    1. Ibebenta ko na lang iPhone ko ng ganung amount para mabayaran bill ko.
    2. Apply new contract with Globe tapos upgrade unit na din.

    Ang fear ko lang is:
    1. Hindi ako maapprove sa new bill kasi nadisconnect yung line ko before bago matapos contract ko, baka bad record na ako. 🙁
    2. Pag nadisapprove, nawalan na ako ng iPhone. Huhu.

    Whatchathink guys? Anong magandang strategy? 🙂

  58. Pa help naman,

    Anu po ba mas mabilis pagdating sa internet, im planning to to avail globes tattoo mobile wifi, ang speed daw nito ay up to 12mbps unlimited for plan 999 + 150 para sa pocket wifi na huawei

    sa smart naman yung speed nila up to 7.2mbps lang halos same price….please help para makapg isip naman kung anu ba dapat…

  59. You just need to pay for the cash-out + 1st month fee for the first month. The cash-out is the money that u pay to get the phone, so the next month, u will only pay the 999 or 1799 for the rest of the succeeding months depending on your plan. You can pay through credit card or cash. If you are on a 999 plan, and you want to add a booster like unli call + text /month in all globe and tm numbers, u will add P599 to the 999 , so you pay around a thousand per month, or if you want unlimited text to all networks, you just add 599 to the current 999 payment. 599 is unli text to all networks and another 599 for unli call to all networks in a month. It will be charged in top of your monthly bill, these are called the boosters, but its not compulsory.

  60. Thanks for the information.
    I just got plan999 from globe with free phone and tablet; and bought pocket wifi.
    Took the sim from phone, installed it to pocket wifi to connect 5 more devices compared to devices that my phone could connect… i think that i am getting more out of my postpaid plan that way.

  61. just so wondering, how come my lock up contract with globe end up in 36 months when in fact i’ve been using globe for four years now, my first loyalty received last December 3, 2011, supposedly, i will received my 2 years loyalty again last December 11, 2013 but so sad to note, upon checking/calling the hotline given, the agent informed me that my lock up plan will mature still on December 3, 2014, i called again and the agent informed me that i am free from lock up contract… could somebody from Globe help me fix this problem.. Plan 599

  62. Wow! This is right. I wish i read this blog first before get the fucking shit 299 plan of globe. From the start until i terminate it was so annoying and everything was a LIE. Instead u will save but will corrupted.

  63. Question… So if i get plan 999 and get the unlisurf combo, is there any possibility that i will be charged any additional fee? Kasi i’m not really so much into texting and calling. I just need data connection for skype and LINE. Plus i don’t need a nee phone.

  64. Im a globe postpaid user and im not satisfied.. pano ba namn ang daming hidden charges.. tapos di masagot ng maayos ang mga concerns ko. sayang loyal pa nmn ako sa globe. baka gusto nyo ng online work, message nyo ko or visit for more details. sana makita ng globe ung mga conerns ng mga tao thank you!

  65. Hi..i would just like to ask if a postpaid globe number can be converted to prepaid with the same phone number? I was thinking of terminating my plan since i have already finished the 24 months period. But unfortunately i still have balance due of about 3K. I am very upset with their billing because they billed me twice in two consecutive months that is why i am reluctant to pay that very unreasonable amount..Can you tell me how do i do this? thanks..

  66. Hi Guys i just want to ask if ever ba na my phone ako na naka Postpaid plan tpos gusto ko xa dalahin sa ibang bansan pero ibang Sim gagamitin ko (same Network) gagana kaya ung roaming. ung sim kase na naka plan iiwan ko dito sa pinas? i just want to know if gagana ung Roaming sa ibang Sim

  67. hi..

    I’m new sa pagsubscribe ng MY SUPER Plan499, almost 15 years aq sa Smart then nagtry ako magglobe. Ang sabi kasi ng agent is yung plan499 na plan is with unlimited text plus consumables then yung nag apply ako at naaprove sabi naman hinde, mamimili lang ako sa mga combos which is may 125txt to all networks at depende sa iyo kung ilang combo nun, masyadong bitin sakin ang consumables eh, mamaya top of the bill na pala ako pag nagtext. Ang question ko is pwede ko pa ba mailipat ng ibang plan yung plan499 to plan 599 to avail unli calls ang txt, since this coming month palang ang first bill ko? Thanks 🙂

  68. hi. thank you. that was really informative. just found this blog when i was doing a research about globe’s unli surf plan 999 because 3 days ago two globe agents went to our office and offered the said plan with samsung galaxy s duos and samsung galaxy tab 3 . they also said that there will be a 100 peso consumable that can be used for texting or calling.then i availed of the plan and since it was my first time to avail of a post paid plan i really dont know what to ask so i just accepted it without reading the contract because i was really busy with my work that time (which i thought was really stupid 🙂 ). i got the handset right away and they told me that the sim card will be activated the same day so i just waited for the activation but it was activated after almost three days .i am planning to give the phone to my little sister and i just keep the sim card because i am planning to use it in my other phone. would that cost me something on top of the plan i got ? and my other question is: is there really a hundred peso consumable included (if u just know something about it)? because i have seen some posts in the internet saying that the said plan has a hundred peso cash out and the bill would be 1099 and the 999 thing was just a promo from last sept 2013. i am really not good when it comes to these things and i am really clueless up to this moment. maybe u can clear up my mind . its really the first time that i will use a globe sim. so i hope you could help me. maybe next time i can be smarter when making my decisions and hopefully i can learn from this experience. i am just really worried about my bill. hehe. thank you so much in advance! God bless to all of you! 🙂

  69. i can say, PLAN subscription sucks! i learned from this huge mistake and i will not anymore trust those companies.

  70. parang member ng pork barrel ang mga internet subscriber mga scummer at parang kasabwat din ang NTC nito bakit ba inaa probahan ng NTC policy na anong tawag nong mag ma reach mona ang 1gb data usage mo ang 3g mo magging 2g na ito, halimbawa pocker wifi ang plan ko good for 8 devices unli plan 999, 1 gb nila parang isang oras lng yon pag mag youtube ako ah anong selbe ng 8 devices at unlimited plan, kailan ba naging unlimited ang consumable, kung iisipin lng natin tayong subscribers ang niloloko ng mga ng mga ito eh, HB na ako dahil dito

  71. I got 30 months contract from smart last April 2012. First 1 year lagi akong on time magbayad until the next year medyo nahuhuli na lalo kz nagresign ako sa work. Until lumabas ako ng bansa hnd parin tapos contract ko. Naisip ko pa cut nlang contract ko kz hnd ko rin nmn magagamit d2 sa US pro nong tinanong ko sila aba!! magbbayad daw ako ng P10,000. Mga walanghiya almost 1 and a half years na ako ngbabayad tapos pgbbayarin nila ako ng ganong halaga ngaun kaya nagdeposit ako ng pera sa smart account ko at binayaran ko na hanggang end of contract ngaun. This month sa wakas matatapos na ako. Gustong-gusto ko ng matapos ang lhat ng connection ko sa smart.

    My Experience
    1. Laging late ang dating ng mga messages.
    2. Laging walang signal. Bakit ba hnd magdagdag ng smart satillite sa Laguna.
    3. Everytime na gagamitin ko ung 3G, kailangan ko pa umakyat ng bundok or bumaba sa Calamba pra lang mkasagap ng matinong signal.
    4. Sobrang mahal ng tawag per minute.
    5. Unlitxt lng ung plan ko for smart to smart for P349.00 a month
    6. Wala manlang free internet kya lumalaki byran ko dahil gnagamit ko ung 3G or ung Packet data.
    7. Walang silang considerasyon, almost 7 months akong nagbayad every month na hnd ko nmn gingamit ung simcard.
    I am very very disappointed with Smart Philippines.

  72. Upon signing a contract with Globe, laging basahin at make sure na tama ang mga sinusulat ng sales agent. When we applied last Sept 2013, paulit-ulit kng sinabi kay SA na magbabayad kami ng cash out of P6500 to change the lock in period to 12 months instead of 24 months. We also registered our CC for auto debit. Instead na cashout ang P6500 for the gadget, they deduct the monthly bill sa amount. I went to their Globe store kung saan kami nag apply, they said na advance payment daw ang 6500. What? Bakit ako mag-aadvance payment kung naka auto debit na CC namin. After 3 times na pabalik- balik, naresolve din yung issue last December and nakita din yung transaction na may cash out kami na P6500 sa Bill #4. I terminated the contract last September 26 since i’ts the last day ng 12 month lock in period.. Naku, I just received another bill asking me to pay P8245.24. Pre-termination fee for the Gadget – P7673.51 and Admin Fee – P550. Saan napunta si P6500? Si CS, walang kwentang kausap, ipupush ka lang sa store kung saan ka kumuha ng plan. Eto, round 2 na naman kami ni Globe. ***sigh***

  73. Such an informative post. Thank you. I applied for a globe postpaid plan also and it took me 3 days to get my handset and 2 days before my sim was activated.

    Just wanna ask if there is a penalty if you cannot pay your bill on the due date? I forgot to ask this to their agent when i applied and it was my father who’s paying my bills every month. My father paid my bills i think 3 days after the due date and my line was cut already and he paid double from what i should pay every month. It happened i think twice already.

    And my signal sucks! When it’s 3G my signal is very very slow but when it’s H it’s quite fast. Im in Boracay and the salesite of globe telecom is overlooking from where i’m staying.

    1. I don’t know Globe’s current policy because I am currently outside of the country.
      From experience, there is NO penalty if you pay your bill late. Just make sure to pay before your cut-off date so that you won’t say that “I am being charged for a bill that I have already paid!”

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